Remote is an online arts publication working as an evolving exhibition platform for artists and curators.

Remote wishes to showcase not only the works of selected artists but also the curatorial process by involving the curators and artists over a period of 6 months, thereby making it possible to observe and engage with the evolutionary development of the exhibition.

Each project will be the curatorial work of invited curators and/or artists that will evolve over the duration of the online exhibition/publication. At the end of the 6 month span allotted to each project, the works will be de-installed, edited and made into a hard-copy book which will be available for purchase online and in some specialist shops. In the meantime, the next 6 month exhibition/publication will begin.

Remote is pleased to present its newest publication, By Any Other Name, curated by Tsering Frykman-Glen and Sarah Cashman, which will be available to view online from 16/04/12 to 16/10/12.

Remote’s current homepage image is a detail of De Draadspanner by Anne Ten Donkelaar.

The Remote website is designed and executed by Sarah Cashman and André Parodi.

Transcendental Freakout
Curated by Katy B Plummer and Kuba Dorabialski
Available soon

Homo Faber
Man as Maker

Curated by Anna Gleeson
Available soon

By Any Other Name
Curated by Tsering Frykman-Glen and Sarah Cashman
Available soon

Proposals and submissions
Remote encourages artists and curators to submit proposals at any time of the year. However, please bear in mind that we only work on 2 projects a year and are always looking a year ahead. If you are interested, please email a basic idea and some images of work. The images don’t have to be of the work being proposed but at least somewhat representative. Anything written should explain to us what your ideas are and not be too long. If you want to send a hard copy then please contact us for an address to mail it to. Please be aware that we don’t return any package unless it has a correctly stamped self-addressed envelope. Please no original works or slides, a CD of images is perfectly adequate. All emails regarding submissions must be sent to:
[email protected]